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FliP U Team

FliP U instructors are globally recognized subject-matter experts. Our content is pracademic, whimsical, transformative and thoroughly modern, at the forefront of what organizations need today. It is based on research from cognitive neuroscience, creativity, social, organizational and positive psychology, learning theory, and clinical practice.

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About this course

The FliPsides of collaborative decision making

Most decision-making courses focus only on the skill of making a decision. This course goes further by exploring the neuroscience of decision making, the skill of leading a collaborative decision-making process, and how to be an invaluable decision making partner and help others make swifter, more objective, higher quality decisions.

FliP U presents a fun, fresh, interactive course on decision making for people who want to optimize their personal influence and effectiveness in decision making at all levels of the organization.

Are you on a mission to seek out better more collaborative decision making, to boldly go where no one has gone before? We face dozens of decisions every day from the ordinary to those more akin to intergalactic warfare. Decision making is a skill with many facets: How do you decide how you will decide? How do you move the process forward? How do you give opinions in a way that gets heard and valued? What do you do if the “wrong” decision is made? How can you harness the most value from your crew?

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Become a wise and invaluable advisor, and coach others to do so too
  • Maximize your impact by applying the latest neuroscience research
  • Champion a collaborative decision-making process that engages the whole team AND enhances unbiased decision making
  • Gain commitment to decisions, drive alignment and buy-in, and speed up implementation
  • Know when to seek consensus and how to manage differences in opinions
  • Foster an environment that supports positive relationships and constructive debate
  • Practice selecting and applying decision criteria for optimal decision making
  • Harness the collective intelligence of your crew
  • Be a decision making role model and champion best practice decision making processes

The Starship Enterprise has two wise decision makers on board: Captain Kirk and Science Officer Spock. Develop the best, most collaborative skills from both of them.

Full Curriculum

Module 1 - First day of class

  • WATCH: Meet your teachers
  • WATCH: Meet your coach
  • READ: Navigating this platform
  • READ & DOWNLOAD: Learning tips & journal
  • SET UP: Your profile
  • SHARE: Introduce yourself
  • PLAY & SHARE: What pitfalls have you seen?
  • WATCH: Kirk vs. Spock
  • PLAY & SHARE: Who would you entrust with your decision making?

Module 2: Making the most of your brain & body

  • WATCH & SHARE: Gain new perspectives
  • WATCH & SHARE: Activate your unconscious
  • WATCH & JOURNAL: Mind your body
  • WATCH: Feelings count
  • PLAY: Feelings quiz
  • WATCH: Brave your biases
  • PLAY: Mastery quiz
  • UNLOCK, WATCH & SHARE: The secret principle
  • PLAY: Secret tip quiz
  • READ & SHARE: Use the best of both

Module 3: May we together become greater than the sum of both of us

  • SHARE: Inputs to decision making
  • WATCH: It's a process not an event
  • WATCH: I am pleased to see that we have differences
  • PLAY: Are you ready to collaborate?

Module 4: Be an invaluable collaborator like Spock

  • PLAY & READ: Stage 1 - Bring an engaged mindset
  • WATCH: Stage 2 - 'Feed in' not 'buy in'
  • SHARE & JOURNAL: Increase your influence and impact
  • WATCH: Stage 3 - Level 3 Decision Support
  • PLAY: Who shows Level 3 Decision Support?
  • DO & SHARE: Experiential Assignment
  • WATCH: Stage 3 - Be a Decision Advocate
  • PLAY: Devilishly fun quiz
  • SHARE: The decision milestone
  • WATCH & SHARE: Stage 4 - Get 'er done!

Module 5: Followership Skills Assessment

  • ASSESS: Your followership skills for collaborative decision making

Module 6: Be a collaborative leader like Kirk

  • SHARE: Acknowledge and appreciate contributions
  • WATCH: Stage 1- Engage everyone early
  • PLAY: Match the collaborator
  • WATCH: Stage 2 - Drive analysis
  • SHARE: Choose your decision criteria
  • WATCH & JOURNAL: Stage 3 - Create Choices
  • WATCH: The Decision milestone - Choosing wisely
  • PLAY: Decide how you will decide
  • WATCH: Stage 4 - Get 'er done

Module 7: Leadership Skills Assessment

  • ASSESS: Your leadership skills for collaborative decision making

Module 8: Last day of class

  • DO & SHARE: Bask in your brilliance
  • PLAY: Do not give out the results!
  • JOURNAL & SHARE: Personal reflection
  • PLAY: Final Exam: Kirk vs. Spock
  • WATCH & SHARE: Congratulations & graduation party