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Karen B K Chan

Karen B K Chan is an emotional literacy teacher and sex educator in Toronto, Canada. Karen (aka BK) has taught and written about sexuality, diversity, and emotional intelligence for 20 years. She is dedicated to delivering education and training that are honest, transformative, and kind.

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About this course

In this age of artificial intelligence, it’s becoming MORE not less important for technical professionals to be able to connect quickly with others – whether clients or colleagues. The World Economic Forum predicts Emotional Intelligence will be in the top 10 in-demand skills in 2022. Harvard Business Review ranks it as #1. If your job involves giving information, changing minds, swaying behaviors, handling setbacks, or developing trust with others, your Emotional Intelligence (EI) will make or break your success.

FliP U presents a fresh, interactive, modern take on Emotional Intelligence. Emotions are like the news. Keeping up with local and world news is key to being an informed and engaged citizen. However, news media is everywhere and isn’t always accurate. We must learn to receive the news with discernment, read between the lines, accept truths even when they are hard to hear, and stay informed without becoming overwhelmed.

Discover how emotions are neither good nor bad, they’re news: vital news influencing how we interpret the world. Learn how to see yourself and others with greater clarity, build faster rapport, stretch your comfort zone, and become an even more effective you. By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Cultivate stronger relationships with clients, colleagues, and strategic partners
  • Make valuable use of the information conveyed through emotions
  • Deal with emotions – yours and others – more skillfully and effectively
  • Elevate your confidence and finesse with diverse situations and people
  • Develop trust and rapport with greater intentionality and effectiveness
  • Make “difficult conversations” less difficult and more productive
  • Reduce emotional stress in the workplace

Full Curriculum

Module 1 - First day of class

  • WATCH: Meet your teacher
  • WATCH: Meet your coach
  • READ: Navigating this platform
  • READ & DOWNLOAD: Learning tips & journal
  • SET UP: Your profile
  • SHARE: Introduce yourself
  • WATCH & SHARE: My inspiration and origin story
  • JOURNAL & SHARE: Your editorial page

Module 2 – Emotions are essential

  • WATCH, JOURNAL & SHARE: There’s no crying in baseball!
  • WATCH, DO & SHARE: An unlearning challenge
  • WATCH: Emotions as news
  • WATCH: Emotions happen for a reason
  • PLAY & SHARE: What’s the underlying need?
  • WATCH: Emotions are neutral
  • PLAY & SHARE: Your emotional news subscriptions
  • WATCH & SHARE: Emotions for wellness
  • DO, JOURNAL & SHARE: Overcome procrastination today (not tomorrow!)

Module 3 - The courage to feel

  • WATCH & SHARE: Truth or denial
  • WATCH: Your fake news
  • JOURNAL: Get real!
  • WATCH: Give it a name, give it a name, give it a name now!
  • PLAY: Get into character
  • PLAY: Let’s recap!

Module 4 – Getting into the zones

  • WATCH & SHARE: A model for turbulent times
  • PLAY: Name that zone
  • JOURNAL & SHARE: What sends you into Panic?
  • WATCH: Fight, flight, and more
  • REVIEW & SHARE: Panic Zone reactions at work
  • WATCH: The skill of discernment
  • PLAY: Discerning between Panic Zone reactions
  • WATCH: Know, go and grow!
  • PLAY & SHARE: The A to Z of moving from Panic to Stretch
  • WATCH: Stretch zone practice

Module 5 – In someone else’s shoes

  • WATCH & SHARE: How to win friends and influence people?
  • LAUGH & SHARE: Empathy 101 with Phil Dun-empa-phy
  • PLAY: Is it empathy?
  • WATCH: It’s not you, it’s (all about) them
  • JOURNAL & SHARE: The (other) matrix
  • WATCH: The sun and the wind
  • DO & JOURNAL: Empathy in 20/20

Module 6 – Own your stuff

  • WATCH & SHARE: Self-empathy
  • WATCH: Authenticity and your hidden agenda
  • WATCH & SHARE: Blue fish
  • WATCH & JOURNAL: Work now, feel later
  • PLAY: Empathy Pop Quiz

Module 7 – Playing well with others

  • WATCH: Other people’s fake news
  • WATCH: Unconscious bias
  • WATCH: The art of apologizing
  • PLAY, JOURNAL & SHARE: The apology formula
  • WATCH: Bad news done well
  • WATCH & ANALYZE: Bad news done badly
  • WATCH: Appreciate appreciation
  • PLAY, DO & SHARE: Receiving praise

Module 8 - Last day of class

  • WATCH: Giraffe brings it home
  • DO & SHARE: Bask in your brilliance
  • PLAY: Final Exam
  • JOURNAL: Your smallest next step
  • WATCH & SHARE: Congratulations!
  • DOWNLOAD: Your certificate of completion