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Sam & Marc

Co-authors of the best-seller Leadership Is Half The Story: A Fresh Look At Followership, Leadership, and Collaboration, and co-founders of FliPskills and FliP University. Marc is an engaging polymath with a PhD in neuroscience, an MBA, and Masters degrees in math and physics. He teaches entrepreneurship at the University of Waterloo and is Chief Insight Officer of FliP U. Sam is Chief Encouragement Officer of FliP U who enjoys helping people have those “aha” and “ahhh” moments. She is a leadership and followership coach, consultant, and CPA with many years of corporate and executive experience.

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About this course

Imagine you had a secret formula that supercharged your career, enabling you to make your voice heard, create more value, and take charge of your organizational destiny. Imagine also that secret formula supercharged your team improving accountability, productivity, creativity and engagement by 17 to 43%! The secret is this: How you show up in your followership role is AS IMPORTANT as how you show up in your leadership role. The formula is leadership skills + followership skills = great partnering.

FliP U presents the world’s first online course on followership. On any team you have two roles: sometimes you are leading, while sometimes you are following. Both roles are essential for your success and your organization’s success. This course is for smart people who aspire to higher performance and recognition. It’s for life-long learners who want to know about current hot topics. Frankly, it’s for everyone who hasn’t taken a followership course. By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the value and potential of Active Followership in addition to Leadership
  • Increase the value you bring to your team, as well as how much you are valued by the team
  • Gain more support for your ideas and recommendations
  • Champion a culture of accountability and high performance
  • Increase your leadership capacity
  • Enhance performance in yourself and others by coaching and mentoring for stronger followership
  • Gain a host of useful followership tools and job aids
  • Be a more effective, persuasive and credible communicator
  • Distinguish yourself with your collaboration skills

Step into your most confident, influential self AND help those around you be better leaders, collaborators and partners.