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FliP U Team

What if online learning was even better than in-person? At FliP University, we’ve taken the best of in-person workshops and put it online. Our content is pracademic, whimsical, transformative, thoroughly modern, and at the forefront of organizational needs. It is based on research from cognitive neuroscience, creativity, social, organizational and positive psychology, learning theory, and clinical practice. Dr. Marc Hurwitz and Samantha Hurwitz are the co-founders of FliP U and co-authors of Leadership is Half the Story. We are proud to collaborate with BK Chan, Tim Hurson and Sharna Fabiano as adjunct professors of FliP U. Check out all our courses: • Be a leader people WANT to follow • The F-word that complements leadership • The Accidental Salesperson • Emotional Intelligence • Be a Better Ally • Neuroscience at Work • Collaborative Decision Making • Make Question-asking Your Superpower • Build relationships swiftly & authentically

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About this course

Be a Better Ally: Creating a 2SLGBTQ+ inclusive culture

“You don't feel privilege; only the absence of it."

Everyone has the right to feel safe, validated, and be their authentic selves. It is all of our responsibility to create a space where that is possible. This course provides an overview of one of the most important competencies today – cultural intelligence – and helps you develop the skills needed to support 2SLGBTQ+ communities, and eliminate existing barriers and harm within your organization and practice.

Be the ally you want to be, and the leader that others need you to be.

By the end of this course you will be able to ...

  • Create a safer, more inclusive workplace for and with people within the 2SLGBTQ+ communities
  • Become a better ally in reducing systemic barriers within your organization or practice
  • Interact on a 1:1 basis and with your team in a way that is respectful and inclusive
  • Understand why there are so many letters, e.g., 2SLGTQQIAA+… aren’t we all just the human race?
  • Apply the concepts of gender and sexual identities, sexual orientation, and more
  • Put allyship into action as well as know what you should avoid

Full curriculum: 

Module 1 – First day of class

  • WATCH: Meet your teacher
  • READ & DOWNLOAD: Learning tips & journal
  • SHARE: Introduce yourself & an attunement
  • PLAY & SHARE: Group norms
  • COMIC: Evolving attitudes
  • JOURNAL & SHARE: First impressions

Module 2 –Rights, responsibilities & beyond

  • READ: About your rights and responsibilities in Canada
  • WATCH: Systemic oppression & barriers
  • PLAY: What’s going on for Ono?
  • WATCH & SHARE: More on microaggressions
  • WATCH: Equality, equity & justice
  • JOURNAL & SHARE: How might everyone have a fair shot?

Module 3 – Cultural competence & acknowledging privilege

  • JOURNAL & SHARE: Cultural competence
  • WATCH & JOURNAL: Cultural competence skills
  • COMIC & SHARE: Better
  • WATCH: What privilege actually means
  • PLAY: Check your privileges
  • WATCH: Coming to terms with privilege and power
  • COMIC: Privilege
  • JOURNAL: My reactions

Module 4 – Leveraging privilege

  • WATCH: Sharing vigilance
  • WATCH: Swimming against the current
  • JOURNAL & SHARE: Swimming against the current
  • COMIC: Boyfriend
  • WATCH: Ruhumanizing humans
  • DO & SHARE: Stories
  • COMIC: Connect

Module 5 – Gender

  • PLAY: Begin practicing gender-inclusive language
  • WATCH: Deconstructing binary sex
  • WATCH: Limitless gender
  • READ & SHARE: Potato head
  • JOURNAL: Who do you see yourself as?
  • WATCH: The importance of cis
  • COMIC: Tools

Module 5 – Sexual & romantic orientations

  • PLAY: Let’s talk about sex (positively) baby
  • WATCH: Sex positivity
  • WATCH: Explaining the big long rainbow of letters
  • JOURNAL: The big long rainbow of letters
  • WATCH: Is queer ok to say?
  • COMIC: Wonder
  • READ: 2S - Two spirit
  • SHARE & CELEBRATE: Pride & Visibility

Module 7 – Psychological & physical safety

  • WATCH & JOURNAL: Active allyship
  • COMIC: Listen
  • WATCH: Language matters
  • DO & SHARE: Evolving language
  • COMIC: Teach
  • WATCH: Staying connected through courageous conversations
  • WATCH: Bodies in space
  • DOWNLOAD & DO: Organizational checklist

Module 8 – Last Day of Class

  • JOURNAL & SHARE: How much trouble are you willing to go through?
  • PLAY: Final Exam
  • WATCH & SHARE: Congratulations!
  • DOWNLOAD: Your certificate of completion