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FliP U Team

What if online learning was even better than in-person? At FliP University, we’ve taken the best of in-person workshops and put it online. Our content is pracademic, whimsical, transformative, thoroughly modern, and at the forefront of organizational needs. It is based on research from cognitive neuroscience, creativity, social, organizational and positive psychology, learning theory, and clinical practice. Dr. Marc Hurwitz and Samantha Hurwitz are the co-founders of FliP U and co-authors of Leadership is Half the Story. We are proud to collaborate with BK Chan, Tim Hurson and Sharna Fabiano as adjunct professors of FliP U. Check out all our courses: • Be a leader people WANT to follow • The F-word that complements leadership • The Accidental Salesperson • Emotional Intelligence • Be a Better Ally • Neuroscience at Work • Collaborative Decision Making • Make Question-asking Your Superpower • Build relationships swiftly & authentically

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About this course

The modern role of leadership is not so much to delegate, evaluate, rate, rank, review, and differentiate. Rather, today’s leaders coach, chart the path, clear the path, and help people have awesome experiences in the process. It involves a lot of communicating, a huge emphasis on goals, being clear on priorities, erring to “yes”, and obsessive attention to the people side of things. 

FliP U presents a pracademic leadership course: deeply rooted in science and research, and made practical with on-the-job tools, tips, case studies, and memorable stories. 

This course is a mindset shift from leader-centric to partner-centric. And, unlike many leadership courses, this is not about self-help: it is a skill-building course on how to be a great leader of others! Because you’re not leading if no one is following.

Key Benefits:

  • Step into your best leadership self
  • Critically evaluate your leadership identity and brand: who you are and who you aspire to be
  • Apply the most important leadership technique and know how to get more of it
  • Further hone your questioning mindset in ways that encourage new insights and get better results
  • Distinguish the optimum conditions for team success
  • Be easy to follow
  • Have generative conversations rather than difficult ones
  • Give actionable feedback generously and receive feedback graciously
  • Gain more insight how you can champion the evolution of your organization’s culture
  • Bring out the best in everyone

Full online course curriculum

  • Each module takes 25+ minutes to complete all videos and activities.

Module 1: First Day of Class

  • WATCH: Meet your teachers
  • WATCH: Meet your coach
  • READ: Navigating this platform
  • READ & DOWNLOAD: Learning tips & journal
  • SET UP: Your profile
  • SHARE: Introduce yourself
  • WATCH & SHARE: Our stories and inspiration
  • WATCH: Who’s got the ball?
  • JOURNAL & SHARE: What do you believe is important for leadership?
  • JOURNAL: Your leadership brand
  • SHARE: Get curious!?

Module 2: From leader-centric to partner-centric

  • WATCH: The history of leadership in 3 minutes
  • PLAY: What do today’s leaders need to do?
  • WATCH & SHARE: You’re not leading if no one is following
  • WATCH & SHARE: Shirtless dancing guy
  • WATCH: A cautionary tale of leadership
  • DO, JOURNAL & SHARE: Your humility challenge

Module 3: Be the frame not the canvas

  • WATCH: Leadership is setting the frame
  • WATCH: Four sides to a frame
  • WATCH: New initiative = new frame
  • READ & SHARE: An Excess of Creativity!?
  • WATCH & SHARE: Ask generative questions not tough ones
  • WATCH: Deep, wide, wild and what if
  • DO & JOURNAL: Take the question challenge

Module 4: Be easy to follow

  • WATCH: Lean in to stay connected
  • DO & SHARE: Is my door REALLY open?
  • WATCH: Avoid the extremes: Hands-off & Micro-manager
  • READ, JOURNAL & DO: Your Personal Operating Manual

Module 5: Believe you have your A-Team

  • WATCH: Pygmalion leadership
  • WATCH & SHARE: Find the genius among your geniuses
  • WATCH, DO & JOURNAL: Evoke pygmalion mid-term exam
  • WATCH: It takes two to get engaged
  • DO & JOURNAL: The Engagement & Commitment Project        
  • REFLECT & SHARE: Check-in point

Module 6: Make EVERYONE your in-group

  • WATCH & SHARE: Capuchin monkeys reject unequal pay
  • WATCH: Equity is Job #1
  • JOURNAL: Equity Check Up
  • WATCH: All workplace conversations are for the purpose of creating a better future
  • WATCH: Turn difficult conversations into generative ones
  • JOURNAL & DO: What conversations have you been putting off?

Module 7: Appreciate the heck out of them

  • WATCH: 2-Way feedback
  • WATCH & SHARE: Accept feedback graciously
  • DO & JOURNAL: Quick & Powerful 360 Feedback
  • WATCH: Premature evaluation
  • WATCH, JOURNAL & SHARE: Halo, pitchfork & blindspots
  • WATCH: Give feedback generously
  • TOOL: Positives, Improvements & Plans
  • WATCH: From recognition to appreciation
  • WATCH & SHARE: Your appreciation playbook
  • DO & JOURNAL: Positively-skewed Feedback Challenge – Aim for 4:1!

Module 8: Last day of class

  • JOURNAL & SHARE: Leadership Actions Assessment
  • DO: Bask in your brilliance
  • JOURNAL: My smallest next step & commitment to leadership development
  • WATCH & SHARE: Congratulations & graduation party